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How Does It Work?

What are the Steps?

Step 1


We would love to briefly discuss with you how our classes can fit with your organizations' educational plan, benefits and culture. Email, phone or Zoom.

Step 2

10-20 Min Set-Up Meeting

Once we decide to plan classes, we meet with all the relevant decision makers to help plan a promotional and action plan that will work for your organization.

Step 3

Present the Classes!

Our speaker arrives for a

50-minute presentation and a question and answer period.

You provide the venue, and we coordinate all the details.

Step 4

Follow up and Review

We make sure to debrief with you to ensure that we have succeeded in providing relevent, valuable and quality financial education and met our goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge?

    Our charter prohibits us for charging for our classes as we are giving out ethical and general education and perspective on personal financial literacy. Our goal is to empower people to form a healthy relationship with their finances, and demystify common misconceptions.


  • Is there follow-up?

    We promise to never promote any particular product or service. Our  attendees will have the opportunity to speak with any of our professionals about their personal specifics, but each attendee must specifically ask specifically in writing on our feedback form to be contacted. If there is no request we do not contact them, and there is no list maintained. We respect all private information and only share our feedback sheets with the contacted HR representative of the organization.

  • What is your focus?

    These classes are not intended to replace or refer to any company policies, investment plans or 401K advice in any manner, spoken or written. We teach and encourage saving and participation in all quality and well-intentioned company financial services, plans and relationships. We work to only supplement the knowledge of your employees so that they can be financially stable and able to focus on their primary earning tool - work.

Expectations: Each participating senior is responsible for:
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